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John Calipari creates NBA All Stars

  Dale Calvert                 TOP 10 NBA PLAYS FROM FORMER KENTUCKY PLAYERS         If you want to play basketball in the NBA, why would you not play basketball at the University of Kentucky, if they wanted you? Maybe I should re frame that,  If you [...]

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Rupps Runts 1965-66 Men’s Basketball NCAA Runner-Up Team

RUPP’S RUNTS 1965-66 MENS BASKETBALL NCAA RUNNER -UP This team coached by the legendary Adolph Rupp and was one of the most popular teams he coached. The team was a winner and had two starters from Kentucky. They won the SEC Championship (15-1) losing only to their bitter rival Tennessee 69-62 at Tennessee. Their overall [...]

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Shelbyville Kentucky’s Charles Hurt UK Star

          Charles Hurt played basketball for the University of Kentucky Wildcats under Coach Joe B. Hall. He played the 1979-80 through the 1982-83 season scoring 786 career points and grabbing 496 rebounds. Charles played forward was six foot six and his playing weight was 215 pounds. Charles Hurt was born March [...]

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Brad Calipari his path through Kentucky

  Even from his high school playing days, John Calipari has show his commitment to his son, but no favoritism.  Here is footage from coach Cal attending one of Brad's high school games.       PERSONAL Born Nov. 11 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey … Major is communication ... The son of John and Ellen [...]

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Everything you want to know about Anthony Davis

  Some Quick Facts Birthdate: 11th March 1993 Nationality: American Male Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois Age: Twenty-Six Years Old Height: 6 feet 11 inches Zodiac Sign: Pisces Famous for: American Basketball Player Known As: Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. Part of the Kentucky Wildcats 2011-12 National Championship Team and was the number one pick in the [...]

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The Story of Tyler Herro

  The story of Tyler Herro. Since 2009 when John Calipari became the head coach of The Kentucky Wildcats, not a season has pasted when I hadn’t thought, I wish I could watch that guy another year. I know many UK fans know exactly what I am saying.  However, I  100% support Calipari, the kids [...]

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Tayshaun Prince

In this article we will share with Kentucky basketball fans the story a lanky basketball player that came to Kentucky from Compton, California and left four years later, a legend. Saturday  December 8th 2001 is a day in Kentucky basketball history that those of us who witnessed it, will never forget.  We can tell you [...]

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KYLE MACY Kentucky Wildcat Fan Favorite

    Kyle Macy was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 9, 1957. He was raised in Peru, Indiana and played basketball at Peru High School. Kyle played for his dad, Bob at Peru High and was named Mr. Basketball of Indiana in 1975. Kyle enrolled in Purdue University and played his freshman season [...]

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