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It is not about BBN it is about Shaedon Sharpe

I for one am as excited the 2021 -22 Wildcat basketball team as I have been any other team maybe ever.  This morning I realized why this team is so specail, they are all high character kids that represent my home state and all of BBN well, very well.  I am going to indentify them as the High Character Cats, more on that in another article.

Look at the box scroe from last night.  SIX UK Players in double figures!  Yes, I said SIX.   Oscar 18, Keion 15, Ti Ti 14, Grady 12,  Toppin 10 and Mintz 10.


This years high character cats are the defintion of what TEAM basketball is suppose to look like.

T  ogether

E veryone

A  chieves

M  ore

So what is the deal with Shaedeon Sharpe?

It is real simple.  At this point if you kno w anything about John Calipari you should know he doesn’t care what anybody thinks, HE IS GOING TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE KIDS ON HIS TEAM.  That includes Shadeon Sharpe and every player on the current squad.   From the outside looking in, it appears to me that Shadeon is fitting in well with the team.  Every comment I have heard from the team and coaches is that he is a quality, high character young man and phenominal basketball player.

I was hoping he would see some action this year but I respect that fact that Cal is going to do what is best for the young man.  Frankly at this point and time I would hope that all of BBN would feel the same way.   As long as Cal is here, are going to be competing.  The 2021 -22 season was a fluke.  Never again, and Calapari has worked the transfer portal to perfection this year.  Let’s all enjoy the ride.  I believe this team is Final 4 for sure, and we all know how Cal’s teams play in March.   Hopefully Shadeon Sharpe will be with us next year leading the charge



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