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How many Kentucky Wildcat Players played on NBA Championship Teams?

To date 13 former Kentucky Wildcat basketball players have
played on NBA Championship teams, here they are:

Wildcat NBA Champions
NOEL, Paul – Rochester Royals (1951)
TSIOROPOULOS, Lou – Boston Celtics (1957, ‘59)
RAMSEY, Frank – Boston Celtics (1957, ‘59, ‘60-’64)
HAGAN, Cliff – St. Louis Hawks (1958)
RILEY, Pat – Los Angeles Laker (1972; Coach- 1982, ‘85, ‘87, ‘88); Miami Heat (Coach-2006)
STEELE, Larry – Portland Trailblazers (1977)
GREVEY, Kevin – Washington Bullets (1978)
ROBEY, Rick – Boston Celtics (1981)
PRINCE, Tayshaun – Detroit Pistons (2004)
MOHAMMED, Nazr – San Antonio Spurs (2005)
ANDERSON, Derek – Miami Heat (2006)
WALKER, Antoine – Miami Heat (2006)
RONDO, Rajon – Boston Celtics (2008)


Some of these players were before my time but my dad strings together the names Tsioropoulous, Ramsey & Hagen almost like he
is talking about one person.  I expect Anthony Davis and several other former University of Kentucky players currently playing
in the NBA to be on this list before their basketball careers are over.




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